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Posted - January 11 2018 :  9:05:36 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Apparently, Ruger recently announced a new budget pistol called the Security 9. It's dimensions are similar to that of the Glock 19, but a bit flatter and less blocky. The magazine holds 15 rounds of 9mm. Trigger is about 5.5 pounds (either partially pre-set DAO or single-action with long heavy take-up; not clear). It has a "hammer" not a striker, like the LCP. Initial reviews are good. Trigger is good but not great. MSRP is $375, which means it could conceivably sell some places for under $300.

Reviewers say it's very good for a budget priced gun. What frustrates me, though, is that no one will explicitly say what is lacking -- i.e., what would keep it from cannibalizing sales of Ruger's premium models.

Is it not rated for +P? Why can't they just say it? It's made of "alloy steel" (and polymer). Does that mean anything other that "It's not stainless"? (Does any steel exist that's not an alloy of some kind?) Is it's finish delicate?

OK, so it doesn't have the swappable grip inserts to change the feel. (Is that such a big deal nowadays?) Does it have a lower projected service life? Less accuracy?

But what are the compromises that justify the lower price? Just because they can manufacture it cheaply? I'm sure the Glock is manufactured for much less than it's selling price.

It has an unobtrusive manual safety on the left side that operates the correct way (up for safe and down to fire) and (unlike the SR9) is not awkward to reach. OK, not everyone likes a manual safety, but that wouldn't justify a lower price.

I guess I'll have to wait for more reviews. I wish marketers could just lay things on the line.

Jim Higginbotham

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Posted - January 12 2018 :  10:52:21 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Do note that the gun has a concealed hammer. Ruger is not the only company that is finding that striker fired pistols are not perfect

Jim H.

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Posted - January 12 2018 :  3:17:39 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Got one in at the store, I like the feel of it. Grip seems to be of a size to fit small and 'regular' hands well, maybe problematic for gorilla paws. Finish seems OK, didn't examine it closely. Looks and 'feels' more compact than the Block 19, but didn't compare them side-by-side. I'd consider one for Momma, when she is ready to carry. Being a Ruger, I'd expect it to be reliable out of the box, but I'll still wait for others to test it.
Didn't realize the msrp was $375, but shudda known; that's the price the boss put on it.

Oh, and the safety switch could stand a little more substance, make it easier to work with cold or shaky hands---or offer a non-safety option. Ace

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Ten Driver
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Posted - January 13 2018 :  04:28:31 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Fsilber, I'll be putting rounds through one in a few weeks at SHOT, but haven't seen one in person yet.

However, my understanding is that the action is the same concept as the LCP II--a single action, hammer fired gun, in which the hammer is concealed in the slide, and is also of the two-piece variety, where the action of the slide cocks the internal hammer, but the spur itself follows the slide forward. Pulling the trigger raises the spur and eventually disengages the sear, dropping the hammer.

This hammer design is advantageous because the spur is not under mainspring tension. This allows easier slide manipulation.

The gun lacks a few features that simplify construction and lower costs. The fixed, molded grip is not adjustable. The takedown is simplified, using a cross pin instead of the more complex rotating lever of the American Pistol. The pistol lacks some "features" like a loaded chamber indicator or magazine disconnect that had to be added to other guns to keep the idiot states happy, but which added cost.

Also, the gun doesn't come in a bunch of different flavors--there's only one gun, in one caliber. The only real "option" is whether you buy it with a normal magazine or a restricted capacity (10 rd) mag. This provides for economies in production.

The American Pistol has more features and more possible options, so it costs more. I wouldn't worry about the Security 9's low sticker price being the result of cheaper materials--it's just a less complex design with fewer options and models to choose from, so it's less expensive to produce.

The Security 9 is rated for +P, per the manual, but not +P+ (not unusual, as nobody certifies their gun for +P+).

It was important for Ruger to have a gun in this category, to compete with economy guns like the Walther PPX/Creed, the Remington RP9, and others.

It looks like the Security 9 is a lot of gun for the money. I look forward to shooting it.

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Ten Driver
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Posted - January 13 2018 :  3:28:14 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
An inquiry to Ruger netted the following corrections and clarifications:

"It is hard to describe but essentially it is a hammer fired, mostly pre-cocked double action. (Glock is a striker fired, mostly pre-cocked double action). The hammer and spur are one piece and they are cocked by an inclined plane on the slide to reduce racking force. The trigger does compress the hammer against the main spring for its last bit of travel. The tension of the main spring and required travel against spring tension keeps it engaged with the sear. It can’t “slip off” like a single action but doesn’t have the long heavy pull of a double action.

The American is stainless steel slide, barrel, and chassis; nitride coated, internally lubricated (Teflon) and fully mil spec for +P in all extreme environmental conditions. Interchangeable grip modules, etc.

Security-9 has an aluminum chassis with full length rails (still better than a plastic frame with short molded-in rail sections) and blued “alloy” (non stainless) steel. It can handle +P but not a steady diet of +P. It is a personal defense / EDC weapon but not a “Duty” weapon like the American."

I should have just started with them to begin with!
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Posted - January 16 2018 :  9:56:02 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

It looks like the Security 9 is a lot of gun for the money.

I sometimes feel old-fogey like Jeff Cooper in his later days, in that I last bought a gun 17 years ago. I follow the industry, but my conclusion is always, "I like better what I already have." (Cooper would look at new products, look at his Lightweight 1911 Commander, and ask, "They're new, but are they better?")

Every few month something new is advertised. Either the gun is too fat or long in the butt for ideal concealment, or it's too short in the barrel for ideal ballistics, or it's too blocky, or its bore axis is too high, or its safety works the wrong way, or its safety is too difficult to reach.

(I'm cheap, but money is not usually an issue if I want something bad enough. The guns I have are an H&K P7 M13, a Kahr P9 Covert, and a Heritage Stealth -- which run the gamut from ridiculously expensive to suspiciously cheap.)

The Ruger Security 9 is the first one that made me thing, "I might want to carry that." And then it turns out to be even cheaper than the Heritage Stealth was. (Like, taking into account inflation, comparable to those Russian Makarovs twenty-five years ago.)

Hence, my incredulity.

The Glock 19 is 7"x5" with a 4" barrel, and not terribly fat. So many people have noted what a good combination that is -- yet only this year it seems that other companies are starting to imitate it. And this Ruger is thinner and rounder, too.
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