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 Police view on civilians carrying multiple guns?
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Posted - October 26 2017 :  5:24:15 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I'm interested in hearing how a LEO might react upon learning a civilian is concealing more than one gun. I always carry a LCR in my offhand front pocket in addition to a primary IWB on my right hip pretty much anytime I leave the house (except at work) after discovering all the wisdom on this site. I have carried on my ankle before during cool weather and am now considering adding a gun there as well during winter in addition to my normal carry locations to have something easily accessible when seated.

I'm not as concerned about having to explain two guns but I feel like three might raise some eyebrows? I would appreciate any insight/opinions/tips from any current or retired LEOs and anyone else who has experience carrying multiple guns. (I realize most members here probably wouldn't bat an eye discovering someone carrying 2+ guns but what about some of the "less enlightened" among your colleagues?)

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Posted - October 26 2017 :  5:47:26 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Good question, Iíve wondered that myself.

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Posted - October 26 2017 :  7:16:39 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I can only speak for myself as a Game Warden, but I donít bat an eye at multiple guns. Most of my colleagues donít either. I have encountered quite a few guys afield with a large bore revolver with a second gun carried concealed. On the other hand, if one is uncomfortable around armed people, best to avoid fish and game enforcement.

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Posted - October 26 2017 :  7:17:34 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
depends on the state, you're in NC, I would contact the AGs office or the State Police in your state

when traveling outside the state with an NC permit, I would contact the AG or State Police for each state you intend to travel through

normally, even if you have a NC permit recognized by another state, you are required to carry in acordance with the state you are traveling through

in my state the AG opinion is to focus on whether a permit is valid

some states have weapon specific permits only allowing weapons listed on the permit

some states issue a weapons permit allowing other concealed weapons beyond firearms

some states allow vehicle carry of loaded weapons without a permit

when I travel out of state with my wife we both have a permit

we carry two handguns, one for each permit

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Posted - October 26 2017 :  7:27:50 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
The very few cops I still socialize with would be surprised to find a defense-savvy person with only one gun; never really thought about what the others think. I could see how the news media could spin somebody with, say two 9mm's or revawvers on the belt, plus one in the pocket--which is only one reason I strongly advise against talking to the media at all. Maybe and anti-gun or anti-self-defense District Attorney would make multiple guns a big issue if they decided to file charges in a defensive situation.
That is a good question, not sure what the rank'n'file officers would think. Then again, assuming it's legal, I'm not sure I'd really care what they think, either; then again again, it wouldn't pay to get smart-mouthed about it.
In my state, there is no statutory limit on the number of guns carried. Also, LEO has the authority to take and hold your gun during the contact. When the officer says 'Hand over your gun, you'll get it back when we're done', I'd suggest you don't ask him 'Which one?' Ace

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Posted - October 26 2017 :  7:36:06 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
MI CPL does not limit you to one gun

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Posted - October 26 2017 :  7:41:23 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
In the area where I live, just about all of the uniforms on patrol, carry at least two on and off duty. They donít bat an e6elash on a permit holder carrying multiple handguns concealed, as long the permit is valid. They get the permit verification whenever a license plate is run here in Utah.

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Posted - October 27 2017 :  12:14:02 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Well if it ever comes up for me, I'll honestly say that most of my mentors are/were Officer Survival Instructors and they encouraged everyone to carry primary and backup.

Evan, Keith Jones, and Mas all really encourage people to carry a BUG.

One can also articulate specific reasons, which most of us here are familiar with thanks to people like Evan & Keith:

backup if problem with primary just like Emergency brake or spare tire; ability to arm another competent but unarmed good guy or gal (my significant other has permit and carries but works in public school so she can't carry at work) if together when something bad happens.

I also carry one accessible to either hand, so if one hand/arm is injured or trapped can still draw with other hand.

Edited by - Dov on October 27 2017 12:14:50 AM
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Posted - October 27 2017 :  06:37:52 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I've never had a problem or concern with a good guy or gal carrying a backup firearm. I had more issues over mouthy people, a drunk cop, and open carry people. I have been off duty & retired before I was made a "Detention Deputy" as I am today, and my concealed carry was never questioned. ( Yes I had two handguns on me as a retired cop)
yes, the drunk cop went to jail. That was in 1996. He opened that can of worms....

It's all about having a good attitude, and good manners towards everyone.

Be honest, fair, and always prepared...
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Chris Christian
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Posted - October 27 2017 :  10:35:17 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Originally posted by Arvinator

I've never had a problem or concern with a good guy or gal carrying a backup firearm. I had more issues over mouthy people, a drunk cop, and open carry people. I have been off duty & retired before I was made a "Detention Deputy" as I am today, and my concealed carry was never questioned. ( Yes I had two handguns on me as a retired cop)
yes, the drunk cop went to jail. That was in 1996. He opened that can of worms....

It's all about having a good attitude, and good manners towards everyone.

A friendly, cooperative, demeanor coupled with 'gentleman manners' (and both hands in clear view) goes a long way.
If your CCW permit allows it there are no legal issues. If an abusive LEO wants to make it one... let him... be cooperative... and pursue your legal remedies later. You will win no arguments 'on the street'.

Chris Christian
There are those who make things happen. There are those who watch things happen. There are those who wonder What The Heck happened! Pick one.
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Posted - October 27 2017 :  12:53:29 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
No problem in S.C.

Billy Bruton..Carry every step..Shoot every day!
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Posted - October 27 2017 :  4:46:53 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
It used to surprise me at the looks and comments from fellow Officers in regards to multiple weapons. Not many did carry back ups at my JOB believe it or not. I never left home without my primary and a J-Frame in the LF pocket.

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Posted - October 29 2017 :  8:57:52 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Most of the cops I know wouldn't bat an eye either. (especially me, LOL) I got stopped on the way back from a match one time. When the highway patrol guy asked me if I had any weapons I said "on me or in the truck." (between the three of us we had about 15) AZ cops don't usually blink at that but this guy did....LOL

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Jim Higginbotham

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Posted - October 30 2017 :  08:40:19 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I cannot speak for Most officers. Like others here the officers I hang out with are probably not all that concerned.

In our state though the State police *issue* BUGs so it cannot really be all that strange to encounter folks who carry more than one gun and our permit is a "Deadly Weapons" permit with no limit on the number of weapons or types or a serial number required.

As GW said - it depends on the state.

It has been many decades since I only carried one handgun when traveling but I do make some concessions on long guns - like leaving the ARs at home.


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Pop Pop
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Posted - October 30 2017 :  12:10:01 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I don't carry long guns in my truck, but have taken a 20 Ga Mossberg in my RV. I always carry one revolver on me and sometimes a backup when leaving the house or at church.

On our latest trip (2 wks)to the mountains, Ashville and Gatlinburg, I pocket carried and had my backup Kahr P 9 in the truck console when traveling. I have lost some weight recently and IWB carry is very doable, but not driving on long trips.

I have often wondered what an Officer would say should I be pulled over. We are not required to inform an officer, but out of courtesy I do. When an officer takes you license and runs a check they inform them, if you have a permit to carry, at that time. I was stopped by sheriff deputy and had a headlight out at 3 in the morning. She called in my license and they told her I had a permit and she changed her demeanor rapidly. I was not carrying because I was headed to the local Post Office where I could not have a gun in my vehicle much less on your person. After that experience I inform the officer when I give them my license.

In TN, they intend for one to be able to protect themselves, and have made laws that are very favorable for one to accomplish his goal.

Pop Pop
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