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 caliber for a deer hunt AR

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T O P I C    R E V I E W
bandaidman Posted - July 13 2018 : 12:18:06 AM
I have a couple questions, my brother is thinking of building a rifle, that he might take hunting if the urge hit him, he was looking at 300 blackout but he says in his area in WA most of the rounds are subsonic, and he isn't interested in a silencer. He has looked at the Grendel and ammo is a problem there also, I was going to ask him about 6.8 not sure what ammo availability might be, but for Mule deer hunting which of those 3 would be the best option. For you guys back east, keep in mind the biggest whitetail you have ever seen is about a small to medium muledeer.
thanks in advance
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Chris Christian Posted - July 18 2018 : 11:38:14 AM
Originally posted by ironhead7544

Speer has come out with a 150 gr Gold Dot bullet designed for the 300 Blackout. They list loadings up to 2150 fps which is about 30-30 power.

I think we will see factory ammo with this bullet. Should be good for 200 yards.

If you dont mind the weight of the larger rifle, any of the 243 Win. and up cartridges should be good with the right bullet.

The 2150 fps Speer says with the 150 Gold Dot is virtually identical with what I was getting in a .300 Whisper/18 inch Contender Carbine barrel (ballisticly identical to the BLK) with the "older" Nosler 150 Ballistic Tip (before they toughened it up to hold together at 30-06 velocities).

If I was still playing in the game fields with Whisper/BLK... I think I would use that Gold Dot.The bonded design has an excellent reputation.

ironhead7544 Posted - July 18 2018 : 07:00:27 AM
Speer has come out with a 150 gr Gold Dot bullet designed for the 300 Blackout. They list loadings up to 2150 fps which is about 30-30 power.

I think we will see factory ammo with this bullet. Should be good for 200 yards.

If you dont mind the weight of the larger rifle, any of the 243 Win. and up cartridges should be good with the right bullet.
Jim Higginbotham Posted - July 17 2018 : 3:14:30 PM
My first question would be; is he considering only AR-15 size platforms or is he also considering AR-10 as well?

If it is the smaller platform then I'd ask at what ranges is he expecting to shoot.

Most deer in our state are killed at fairly close range. I've taken deer with both the .300 Blackout (one a subsonic load) and the 6.8 SPC. Min with the .300 have been in my Suppressed SBR - it is a really handy gun!

I like the .300 but I have to say, the 6.8 made bigger holes and would make a better 200+ yard gun (not that the .300 won't work at 200).

I have not used the 6.5 Grendel but I don't see why that would not work as well for the longer range shots.

If going AR-10 I've killed several deer with the .260 Remington - other than one with Remington factory loads, they have done well, and even that one only ran about 25 yards.

7mm-08 should be fine as well.

Deer are easy to kill, a bit harder to drop in their tracks.

BTW - I've tried 3 different approaches with the .223 for body shots - none of them worked, though I did recover all the deer - but only with the help of folks who just would not give up - there was hardly any blood trail - in fact on one the only clue on hard ground was a little water droplet every 50 yards or so.

Jim H.
Pop Pop Posted - July 17 2018 : 12:20:22 PM
My rifle is a 30 06. For a reloader the 06 is a dream gun. I gave my grandson my Marlin 30 30. If I were building an AR style, it would be in 308, and I might take a look at a 6.5 Creedmore, however it would be hard to leave the 308 right now.
Arvinator Posted - July 17 2018 : 07:12:25 AM
My deer rifles are both bolt actions, one in .308 and the other in 30-06. If I wanted an AR type rifle that could be used to take a deer it would be in .308

Ben B. Posted - July 17 2018 : 12:43:15 AM
For .300 BLK, Midway has Barnes 110 gr VOR TX ammo at 2,350 FPS which do perform from all reports. Fiochi makes 125 gr SST at 2,250 FPS which also performs on white tails from reports. Both are accurate bullets in my reloads.

There are a LOT of hunters on 300blk forum happy with that roundís performance on white tail and similar sized deer. I wouldnít hesitate on whitetail with 300 BLK, but if I had to BUY an AR for deer it would be 6.5 Creedmoor. Or an AR10 in .308.
Chris Christian Posted - July 13 2018 : 2:49:31 PM
Factory ammo that is suitable for hunting is available in the .260 Rem (just a .308 necked down to take a 6.5mm bullet). Not sure what's available in Creedmoor for hunting... but for a reloader there are a number of very effective 120 - 140 6.5 bullets available.

The Creedmoor won the race among long range competition shooters with the .260 Rem (originally called the 6.5/.308) because of less recoil, while still having a transonic point beyond 1000 yards.

The .260 Rem is a pretty good hunting round for those that don't reload.

Remington named it the .260 because... at that time... American shooters had yet to learn the ballistic advantages of a 6.5mm bullet, and generally shied away from them.

That's the reason that the .264 Winchester Magnum never took off, although it was a legitimate 600 yard deer round. But, it was a bit tough on barrels when it sent a 140-grain slug down the bore at 3300-3340 fps. Big case... lotsa slow burning powder.

But it was very effective on long range game.... although one problem was figuring out just where the deer was when ya whacked it at 600 yards... and had to go find it. Mind boggling.
Dov Posted - July 13 2018 : 1:38:02 PM
I like Chris's idea of 260, a cartridge Iím a big fan of as well as the 6.5x55 Swede.

But thought Iíd mention the 6.5 Creedmoor seems to be winning the factory ammo popularity contest over the 260.

I actually found more factory loads for the Creedmoor available with hunting bullets I like when I checked recently (Iím shopping for a rifle myself).

Ballistically they are near twins, but the Creedmoor is more of a match cartridge by design IIRC. With less taper to the case etc.

Think the 260 actually has slightly greater case capacity.

Not sure but suspect a Creedmoor gun more likely to come with tight match chamber specs vs more hunting cha,bee specs for 260, though there are certainly match rifles made in 260.
Chris Christian Posted - July 13 2018 : 11:48:34 AM
The AR .308 is a very good suggestion (or maybe one in 7mm-08, or better still, .260 Rem). The 6.5 Grendel, and the .300 Black Out will require handloading to be effective hunting rounds. Suitable factory loads are, to my knowledge, not available.

I'm not overly familiar with the 6.5 Grendel, but if you can get a quality 120-grain softpoint bullet to 2500 fps you have an effective 200 yard load. With the Blackout, handloading will get a 125 grain bullet (Nosler Partition would be preferred) to about 2400 fps from a 16-inch barrel. That's equal to the AK 7.62x39mm..... both rounds would be in the 30-30 class, and 200 yard loads.

Ace Posted - July 13 2018 : 10:58:06 AM
Personally, I'd go with AR10-style in .308. Been reading good things about the 6.5, but don't know yet if it's as good as they say or if it's gun rag optimism. Mulies tend to offer longer shots around my state (read 'longer' as 200 yards plus), unless you can set up or stalk into bowhunting range; at that distance, the Blackout and others might work, though still not enough poop for the size of the animal, for my taste. Ace
Dov Posted - July 13 2018 : 01:05:28 AM
Chris Christion has experience with 300 Blackout level cartridge from Contender or similar single shot pistol, he had good results but pretty sure he used supersonic loads for hunting.

Local availablility of ammo doesnít mean much IMHO.

You can easily order online, or always ask your favorite local gun shop to get you speciyliad if you want to give them money.

Midway is generally not the cheapest for online ammo, but they have wide selection and usually ammo is reasonably priced.

Just realized that despite the hype any of the 300 Blackout, 6.8 SPC, 6.5 Grendel class cartridges are somewhere between 7.62x39 and 30-30 performance wise. Though perhaps with slightly better trajectories depending on bulletin bullet choice.

A good shot can probably hit a deer further with good AR in 6.5 Grendel than with a Marlin/Winchester in 30-30 but itís not going to really be hitting any harder than 30-30 would at same distance. Forums © 2002-16, Inc. Go To Top Of Page
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