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T O P I C    R E V I E W
Olddog84 Posted - November 02 2017 : 08:54:53 AM
Does anyone have any experience? I am looking at the new 9C compact in 2.0. I have the first generation 9C and I never really liked it. I dont like short grips on double stack guns, so the 9C either rode with the full length magazine with a spacer in it or sat on the shelf: never liked the short 12 rounder. It looks like the 2.0 9C is a direct competitor to the Glock 19 with a full 3 finger grip and 15 round magazine. I always liked the original full size M&P and the 2.0 sounds better in every respect.
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Pat Taylor Posted - February 14 2018 : 10:29:08 PM
Now the bad news....the M&P pistols do have some quirks. I do like the pistols and own several and as far as plastic pistols go they are my choice.

Trigger pulls vary from pistol to pistol on my 2.0s as well as my first gen models. Apex kits give a nice break (for a plastic pistol but not 1911 break) but often require a bit of tuning from time to time to keep them that way. Mine have not been as reliable at setting off rounds as my hammered 1911s , mine have factory striker springs.

On the first gen some slides drop when mag inserted , some do not. I have seen one that could not be dropped pushing down on both right and left slide stop levers at the same time. Some work with a file on the slide stop notch in the slide will fix them.

Mag drop... 1st gen no issues but the 2.0 seems to be held a little tighter on tolerances. Some mags will swell enough when loaded they will not drop free. They measure .006 - .010 wider than the others. Used long enough they do not drop free when empty , have a couple marked to hit on a belt sander but have not tried that yet to see if they stay fixed or swell again. I also load 14 and not 15 rounds , 14 will do it but not as bad as a full 15 rounds.

Accuracy....mine are all .40s and I also have a KKM barrels in .40 and 357sig. I suppose they are about average for plastic pistols and mine shoot about as well as the Glock 35 I had for a while. The 357sig barrel is probably the most accurate MP set up I have. When shooting one next to one of my 1911s there is a noticeable difference in accuracy.

Thumb safety is mushy and easier to move than it should be. It can be stiffened up but still lacking compared to a 1911.

Legal disclaimer....these are only my opinions and your findings may vary. Pistols used are compact , full size and 5" pro 1st gen MPs and 2.0 thumb safety 5 inch models. All in .40 caliber from S&W.

summary....the more I play with plastic the more I like steel.

pochis Posted - February 14 2018 : 4:48:27 PM
i will be getting one by the end of the wk, it's on order.
Pop Pop Posted - February 08 2018 : 3:32:36 PM
I have really taken a liking to the M P 2.0 9 C. Carried it to church again last evening. Wore a L L Bean long tail flannel shirt. Worked and concealed fine in the Aker Belt slide holster at the 4 PM position.
Evan Posted - February 08 2018 : 12:05:08 PM
Recently horse traded for a full sized M&P 9MM and a new Shield-original version, also in 9MM. Both shoot just fine for me and I carry them both daily.
oldmuleskinner Posted - February 08 2018 : 02:24:56 AM
I have no problem with open carry when I am camping, at the range, or hiking in the out of doors.

Anyplace else, I think it is stupid.

Like ADJ, I want the fact that I am carrying to big a BIG surprise to whoever needs to see what I am carrying!
Ten Driver Posted - February 08 2018 : 01:21:33 AM

The big difference is that the 124 grain loads generally handle intermediate barriers better than the 115s.

Adj1 Posted - February 07 2018 : 11:20:06 AM
WOW!just the sort of discussion I was looking for! I have been mulling the purchase of a 9mm for some time, to complement my Match Champion.357 Magnum.

I looked at a full sized 2.0 several weeks ago, and it fit my hand better than most guns I have handled. I like it! One problem; the checkering was so sharp, it was painful to grip! This was before the 2.0 Compact was announced.
I figured, if I did buy one, I could always sand the checkering to round off the sharp points some to make it tolerable, or just wait, until the new gun bugs get corrected, like they did with my SW 22, and/or casting molds get a bit worn.

Question: I have read several opinions that the Federal or other 115 gr. standard velocity rounds are very good and reliable... unfortunately, I don't have access to "STOPPING POWER" or "STREET STOPPERS" any more, and can't check it, so How are the newer 124 gr. rounds superior the older 115s? Or are they?

As far as sloppy or open carry is concerned, If there should come trouble, I want the fact I am carrying to be a BIG surprise to my assailant!

Pop Pop Posted - January 31 2018 : 08:45:46 AM
Planning to take the 2.0 on it's first outing, using the Aker belt slide holster, to church tonight. I have been wearing it around the house to break it in. As Evan always says, I will dress around the gun so I can discretely conceal carry the pistol and keep it out of sight. It carries well and is not too difficult to get too for the draw. Finally got my DPX ammo in and will take it out and test fire several rounds of DPX to see if it will shoot it reliably this afternoon.

I will switch my usual EDC (7 shot revolver) to my weak side pocket, but still have it on me for backup. I will say the draw stroke with the belt slide holster is a bit easier than the pocket draw, very much so when seated. I always sit at the back of the auditorium to the right hand side of our entrance doors so my draw stroke will be behind me as I look left toward the doors.

We have a guy who is military, and has sporadically visited our church. He sometimes open carries and our team always gets nervous when they see him. He had a very tight fitting vest on, last Sunday, but you could see the bulge on his hip at the 4:00 "o" clock position. One of our volunteers ushers noticed as he entered the entrance door and came immediately to me and reported that they believed he had a gun. The person he sit down in front of seen the pistol, as he seated himself, and immediate looked back at me and discretely pointed to the gun. I gave her the thumbs up and pointed to my side to let her know I seen the gun.

Open carry or sloppy concealment always scares those around the persons surrounding them. I just don't understand open or sloppy concealed carry guys. Too me, it just looks like he wants to be looked at as "the tough guy" or something. I am not complaining about the usher coming and pointing him out to me because that is what we should do and tell others to be aware also. In this case I have seen the guy previously and talked to him, but the other ushers had not.

I am still waiting on the church leaders to give us the go ahead to have a meeting with our whole adult congregation, too do some informal safety training with them. We have come to the conclusion that we can't afford professional training. The ones we have checked with are in the hundreds of dollars range. By the way I have finally got through to our ushers that when I am not there one of them needs to take my place. I am so glad that we have 3 dependable guys that will do that and so they will not have to depend on me to be the leader. I always inform one of them if I am not going to attend.
Ten Driver Posted - January 29 2018 : 8:23:51 PM
Haha! A perfect ending, or rear ending . . .
Ace Posted - January 29 2018 : 8:08:04 PM
I always tell Doc to say hi to Hillary (or the latest 'liberal du jour') while he's down there. Ace
Pop Pop Posted - January 29 2018 : 6:33:01 PM
Home from my test and just sitting here de-compressing, "if you know what I mean"!!! Dr talked to sweetie, after it was over, so, on the way home, I asked her what he said. She looked at me and, said, "Don't worry, You are a perfect Butt Hole"!......GREAT NEWS, just what I wanted to hear.......Well, I had a good day after all.
Ten Driver Posted - January 28 2018 : 12:41:04 PM
Haha! Full of it . . . I know guys who might require a week's worth of prep!

Best of luck on all of that. Will keep you in our prayers. Glad the Aker holster is working out--they make really good stuff. It will take a bit for the leather to break in, but a little "Leather Lightnin" from Mitch Rosen or "Draw Eze" from Galco will work wonders, and not damage the leather. Some plastic food wrap around the gun, shoved into the holster, will help too.

Pop Pop Posted - January 28 2018 : 10:15:51 AM
Still hitting the weights (3 days per wk) and treadmill and stationary bike(3 days) per week. Legs have gotten stronger, but it is work. I am rising from a seated position with a lot less pain and difficulty. Will have my Pre Op, and joint replacement class meeting next week then will be ready for knee surgery. Dr says he will try and move my date up. Right now it is set for Mar 5th.

Got my new Acker belt slide OWB holster, for the 2.0, this past week. Like it and it is the most comfortable of the 3. Wore it around the house yesterday and did fine. Going to work out nicely.

Took the 2.0 out last week, and run 50 more rounds through it. Still working fine. I like the pistol better than the Glocks. Fits my mid sized hands much better and points better. Trigger is not bad also. Just need to get real proficient shooting the new pistol.

Prepping for colonoscopy and endoscopy set for tomorrow morning. I hate beef broth and jello! Having to do a 2 days prep because my sweetie says I am full of it. I believe her. Turn 70 on the 4th of March. Ah, the rigors of growing old!
Ten Driver Posted - January 27 2018 : 10:32:18 PM
Pop Pop, thanks for the update! It sounds like you're off to the races and things are going well.

I shot the M&P Compact 2.0 this week at SHOT and I was really impressed with it. It's a wonderful pistol and I know it will do a great job for you.

How's the workout program coming along?

Pop Pop Posted - January 21 2018 : 3:11:44 PM
Mike got the Cross Bread IWB and carried the 2.0 to church today. It worked well for me, although I didn't tuck my shirt in and had my sports coat on which covered the pistol well. The new heavier gun belt I purchased held the holster in place and also kept my trousers up even though I was carrying 2 heavy guns.

I moved my 7 shooter revolver, which has been my EDC for the last 6 years, to my weak side pocket for backup. This 2.0 pistol is going to figure in on my carry mode in the future. I am headed out for another back yard shooting session after this. It is really wet and I am only going to be able to shoot at a static target, but am still breaking the gun in and checking for reliability. I am up to about 200 rounds through it at present, and have 50 more rounds of practice ammo to put through it this afternoon. Going to fire some of my self defense ammo through it also(25 rounds Golden Saber). I ordered Cor Bon DPX for it, but it has not arrived yet.

So far I really like the MP 9C 2.0 pistol. Really points well, the trigger is good, out of the box, and it shoots to point of aim. The pistol is more accurate than I am.

Still have not received the Acker OWB leather belt slide holster yet.
Ten Driver Posted - January 05 2018 : 5:52:04 PM
Pop Pop, good luck with the new training program and with your new pistol-holster combo! Let uscknow how the new holsters work out for you.

Pop Pop Posted - January 05 2018 : 11:20:45 AM
Also ordered a BladeTec kydex straight draw OWB holster to give it a try. Going to do my best to work the 2.0 into my every day carry. Lot of training ahead.

Edited to add; Headed to the "Fat Farm" to do my daily exercise. Going to be my daily routine for the next couple months. Now that's something to be looking forward too!!!!
Jim Higginbotham Posted - January 05 2018 : 09:44:26 AM
Originally posted by Ace

Jim, you tripped my curious switch. Why the '!!!!' after 'Critical Defense'? Something wrong with the performance, or do you prefer 'Duty' due to it being bonded? Ace

In most calibers, including .45, they are light in weight, power and penetration (for me) other than perhaps the 125 .357.

Mind you I don't subscribe to the FBI idea that more than 18" of penetration is a bad thing

Jim H.
Pop Pop Posted - January 04 2018 : 5:23:56 PM
Mike, I ordered an Aker Flatsider belt slid OWB holster for the MP 2.0 9C this afternoon. Local gun store only had a Fobus kydex that would fit the 2.0. Should be in the carry business soon.

Also joined a Wellness Center, on bone Dr's advice, to strengthen my knees for the next 2 months. Knee surgery, on left knee, set for March 5th, if not sooner. I asked saw bones to move my date up if he could. Will be lifting weights, in earnest, for the next 2 months to strengthen my knees till surgery time. Started today, as I worked out for 45 min. Did both cardio and weight training. Feel like a limp dishrag.
Pop Pop Posted - January 04 2018 : 10:24:19 AM
I ordered a IWB Cross Bread Supertuck, for my IWB carry. I have a Comp Tack for the Glock 19, but the MP will not fit it well. I need to get an OWB holster as I can carry it on my belt this winter. Would like to find a good kydex holster, if I could. Going to my LGS today and see if they have anything in stock.

Oldmuleskinner I pocket carry my revolver in a Remora, but does not have sticky stuff on it. I tried the sticky holster for IWB and did not like it. I kept thinking this thing is going to hit the floor anytime, after I had used it for a while. Going with something different this time.

I really want to incorporate the 2.0 in my daily carry. It is going to be a lot of work to get accustomed to the pistol, as my primary, and relegating the revolver to back up again. Lots of slow methodical draw and practice time ahead. By the time winter is over I hope to be there.

Hoping to get the 2.0 out for some more practice if this bitter cold weather will let up a little. It was 2 on Tuesday, Wed morning was 4, and this morning 12. Highs only in the mid 20"s, but suppose to moderate the first of next week however may be some rain.
oldmuleskinner Posted - January 03 2018 : 6:55:30 PM
I hate to sound like a broken record, but I love the Remora holsters for IWB carry. I have been using them for 4 or more years. You can get them for about $20. I would recommend talking with the company when you place your order and they will send you one without the bottom of the holster enclosed. That will allow you to also carry a longer barreled model if you ever have the need.

The ones that fit my G-26 also work perfectly with my M&P 9C.

The only complaint ( a very minor one) that I have is that after several years of daily carry, they loose a little of their "stickiness" but they still work fine.
Ace Posted - January 03 2018 : 3:12:30 PM
Jim, you tripped my curious switch. Why the '!!!!' after 'Critical Defense'? Something wrong with the performance, or do you prefer 'Duty' due to it being bonded? Ace
Jim Higginbotham Posted - January 03 2018 : 12:24:53 PM
I've been sorta AWOL during hunting season and the holidays so apologies for my tardiness.

My personal policy is to run 200 rounds through any auto-loader before carrying it, though I imagine 100 would do. I would make that 150 round of good quality generic ball (Win or federal or perhaps PMC, Geco, Fiochi, RWS or PPU - I have not had quite as good luck from Remington UMC, Blazer Brass or Federal Champion, which of course is Blazer brass).

I'd run another 50 rounds of any load I decided to use as duty ammo. Now that does not have to cost you an arm and a leg if it is some sort of exotic stuff that comes in 20 round boxes...

this is not a reccomendation for carry but what I do if I'm testing stuff that costs over $1 a round is I will alternate ammo in the test magazine - ball then the expensive stuff. I will fire the ball and if the expensive stuff feeds I eject that from the chamber and will test it again for feeding - when I've done that about 50 times I will fire up the 20 round box just to make sure but each round has already been fed quite a few times.

I also check for "set back" and have had that happen in quite a few rounds - most notably Speer Lawman.

I don't carry 9mms (it is fine with me if others do) but if I had to for some reason it would have Hornady Critical Duty (not Critical Defense!!!!) or Federal HST or Cor Bon DPX (with the recent news of a change in the company however I'd have to test the new stuff).

Barns Vor-TX or Tac-TX might be a decent alternative but the only thing I've tested that in is .223 and .357 Magnum 140 gr. - that seems a really good load.

Jim H.
Ten Driver Posted - January 01 2018 : 3:16:55 PM
Pop Pop, holsters are one of those areas where there's a huge amount of personal preference involved. If you like the Comp-Tac holster you already have and it's working for you, I'd say get another for the M&P 2.0. You'll have a common "manual of arms," draw angle, spare parts, etc.

The CrossBreed series of holsters are well regarded and widely viewed as being comfortable, but I've personally never liked the hybrids much, as the holster collapses a bit when the gun is removed. I've had too many students that I've caught trying to wedge the holster mouth back open with their muzzle during reholstering, pointing the gun at themselves in the process. I prefer an a holster body that doesn't collapse.

If you want to go the route Chris suggested (leather OWB) I've had good service from a DeSantis Thumb Break Scabbard and an Aker Flatsider XR14. I especially like the straight draw angle on the Aker holster, which is my preference over the forward cant, "FBI" angle. Aker makes a Flatsider with the FBI cant, if you want that. Both DeSantis and Aker are excellent quality, in my experience.

There's a lot to like about leather, but it will require a lot more break in before your draw is smooth. That's one big advantage of the kydex!

Good luck!

Chris Christian Posted - January 01 2018 : 2:44:41 PM
Pop Pop,
For OWB carry I use a Bianchi Model 7 Shadow holster. It's a three-slot pancake... can be worn cross draw or strong side. It holds the handgun 'high & tight'. It has a thumb strap break that I cut off. It's not needed, as the holster/gun fit is very secure.

I wear it forward cant, strong side, and can easily conceal a S&W 9c with a 17-round mag under a loose tee-shirt. It's been on my belt for 9 years and still works fine. I think they are under $35 (but don't quote me on that).

If it fell apart tomorrow I'd order another one. But, I think it will out live me. The only time it comes off my belt, whether a gun is in it or not, is when I need to replace it with one of my competition holsters for a IDPA/USPSA/Steel Challenge match.

For what you want, I think a three-slot pancake is the right option. A number of companies make them, but I'm happy with the Bianchi Model 7. Forums © 2002-16, Inc. Go To Top Of Page
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