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Street Stoppers: The Latest Handgun Stopping Power Street Results

Evan P. Marshall & Edwin J. Sanow

Street StoppersIn 1992, Evan Marshall and Ed Sanow took the shooting world by storm with their book, Handgun Stopping Power: The Definitive Study. In it, they took a revolutionary approach to determining which handgun bullets work best in police-action and lawful personal defense shootings. Rather than simply relying on evidence gathered from scientific tests performed under sterile laboratory conditions, they looked for answers in the most realistic laboratory of all - the street. They gathered data on how particular loads worked in hundreds of actual shootings and used it to predict how the same loads might perform in future shootings. The results were hailed by street cops, elite-unit military and police personnel, and ordinary gun-owning citizens who recognized the value of this logical approach - people whose lives depend on the ammunition they put in their weapons every day.

Street Stoppers is the long-awaited sequel to Handgun Stopping Power. It provides the latest results of real-life shootings in all of the major handgun calibers, plus more than 25 thought-provoking chapters that are vital to anyone interested in firearms, wound ballistics, and combat shooting, including:

  • The eagerly anticipated street results of the hottest new caliber to hit the shooting world in years - the .40 Smith & Wesson.
  • The first formal presentation in print of the controversial Strasbourg Tests, which recorded the effectiveness of handgun loads fired into live goats.
  • Updated street results of the latest exotic ammunition, including Remington Golden Saber and CCI-Speer Gold Dot, plus the venerable offerings from MagSafe, Glaser, Cor-Bon, and others.
  • A fascinating look at the development of Hydra-Shok ammunition by its inventor.
  • A powerful new formula to predict handgun stopping power - the Fuller Index.

Street Stoppers is a riveting mix of real shooting incidents and scientific analysis that forcefully answers the critics of Handgun Stopping Power and furthers the search for truth in this vital area of personal defense.

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