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Handgun Stopping Power: The Video

Evan P. Marshall & Edwin J. Sanow

Handgun Stopping Power VideoThis dynamic video brings the pages of Handgun Stopping Power and Street Stoppers to life with compelling interviews of people who have experienced the effects of handgun stopping power from both sides of the gun. Through gripping accounts of seasoned police officers, death row inmates and medical professionals, you'll learn how various handgun calibers and ammunition actually performed when shot into human targets. Then, through technical shooting tests in gelatin, you'll see what really happens when different bullet designs strike tissue and understand why certain loads work better than others. This video also gives you an inside look at ballistic testing, teaching you how to prepare ordnance gelatin and how to use it to predict the terminal effects of a particular handgun load. (Videos are non-returnable; defective tapes will be replaced.) Color, approx. 90 min., VHS (U.S. format) only.