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Handgun Stopping Power: The Definitive Study

Evan P. Marshall & Edwin J. Sanow

Handgun Stopping PowerDramatic first-hand accounts of the results of handgun rounds fired into criminals by cops, storeowners, housewives, soldiers, cab drivers, and a host of others are the heart and soul of this long-awaited book by firearms experts Evan Marshall and Ed Sanow. Handgun Stopping Power: The Definitive Study presents their conclusions regarding which handgun bullets will and will not work effectively in a police-action or personal-defense shooting. The work has one goal: to provide accurate wound ballistics and ammunition information that police offices are civilians can use to survive lethal confrontations on the street.

What sets Handgun Stopping Power apart from all other studies is the inclusion of results from actual shooting incidents. The use of this data has spurred much controversy in the firearms field - prompting questions of whether it was gathered and analyzed in a scientific fashion. Yet by combining case studies of actual shootings with scientifically controlled test firings into 10-percent ordnance gelatin, Marshall and Sanow have developed what may prove to be the definitive methodology for predicting the stopping power of any given handgun load.

All other theories and formulas fade in comparison to this data what really happens when a bullet meets a man.

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